What We Do

Assessment and Strengthening

Our team have significant technical expertise with nonlinear seismic analysis of buildings and bridges. We have often been called upon to provide technical advice or to train other structural engineers in this aspect. Our analysis method goes beyond the texts of the New Zealand Standards and more into the fundamentals of structural nonlinear behaviour, collapse mechanisms, and performance-based analysis. This approach yields an improved understanding of the structure and a better, more rational structural seismic capacity rating.

Our seismic assessment and seismic strengthening design services include:

  • Initial Seismic Assessments (ISA) / Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP)
  • Detailed Seismic Assessments (DSA) / Detailed Engineering Evaluation (DEE) of existing structures
  • Seismic strengthening / retrofitting (timber, steel, concrete, & masonry buildings / road and rail bridges)