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Tectonix Structural Engineers

Our team at Tectonix is composed of a small team of highly-technical practicing structural engineers.

We have decades of experience gained from working previously with well-renowned consulting firms. We are advocates of quality technical engineering outputs. We value the integrity of every structure that we work on.

Being a small team, we do not have a large corporate structure, eliminating the expensive overhead costs and thus providing you with a very affordable fee. This also significantly reduces the amount of bureaucracy and paperwork. You will also interact with us directly, no middle managers, thus making the process more open, efficient and cost-effective. What you get from us is a small, agile, easy-to-reach capable team of experienced engineers that can provide proper expertise at very affordable rates.

Please do contact us for further information. We can provide our CV and work references upon request. We are confident in our skills and previous works that we really want you to research further into our credentials.

Ernesto de Peralta III founded Tectonix Structural Engineer (formerly Strukteq Design and Consulting) in January 2015. Having worked as a Senior Structural Engineer for 12 years, he is highly experienced in various civil and structural engineering projects.
Caudillo Aguas has 15+ years of continuous professional experience with a significant focus on consultancy-based technical assessment, design, rehabilitation and construction monitoring of buildings and bridges. His specialization is in both force-based and displacement-based nonlinear structural seismic analysis.
Ramon has 20+ years of structural design experience, ranging from commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings. He also has 10 years of project monitoring, supervision and management of medium to heavy construction projects.
Rachelle De Peralta

With a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Philippines and as a fully qualified Chartered Accountant in New Zealand, Rachelle is a vital member of the team, handling all office and finance administration of Tectonix. She works part-time but delivers more than what's required of her. Outside work, Rachelle loves spending time with her daughters, baking and gardening.

Jonalyn Mina

Jona has 8+ years of experience in structural engineering in Singapore. She worked on port/offshore and commercial projects where she was involved on design, drawing and construction. In 2015, she migrated to New Zealand and has then worked with the Christchurch rebuild programme.

Qiang Li

Qiang entered the New Zealand engineering industry back in 2017 after 15 years of working in China as a structural engineer. His experience is focused on concrete and steel buildings structural design and existing buildings assessment, ranging from commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

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